Barrio Santa Cruz - Seville Old Town

Steeped in history, the Barrio de Santa Cruz stands as the former Jewish quarter of Seville.

Within its ancient confines lie prominent landmarks like the Alcazar Palace and the iconic Giralda Tower of the Cathedral.

Meandering through the Barrio's maze of narrow streets and alleys is like stepping back in time, offering a glimpse into Seville's storied past.

The old town, city center & the Jewish quarter of Seville 

As a passionate photographer with a love for Seville's vibrant neighborhoods, I am thrilled to offer my services amidst the charm of Barrio Santa Cruz.


Once home to Spain's largest Jewish community, Seville's Barrio de Santa Cruz saw a tumultuous history. Initially granted to Jews by Ferdinand III in 1248, it provided relative freedom until persecution and expulsion in the 14th century. By 1492, the neighborhood lay deserted, a silent witness to its rich, complex past.


Patio de Banderas, translating to 'Flags Courtyard', is a sprawling square steeped in history.

Once adorned with banners during royal ceremonies, it now offers picturesque vistas of the Giralda tower. Surrounded by notable landmarks like the Archbishop's Palace, this square serves as a gateway to Seville's historic Jewish Quarter, accessed through the quaint alley leading to 'La Juderia'.


Nestled on the outskirts of the Jewish Quarter, Seville Cathedral beckons with its grandeur. Explore this awe-inspiring architectural marvel, crowned by the iconic Giralda Tower, once part of the original mosque. Due to its popularity, it's advisable to secure tickets online to bypass the long queues and make the most of your visit.


The narrow streets of Seville's historic neighborhoods are remnants of the city's medieval layout. They were intentionally designed to provide shade, offer protection from the sun's heat, and deter invaders during medieval times.

Local shops in Seville offer a delightful array of products and experiences that reflect the city's rich culture and traditions

During the winter months from December to March, Seville's streets are graced with the blossoming beauty and sweet fragrance of its iconic orange trees.

From its labyrinthine streets adorned with vibrant flowers to its hidden plazas brimming with local life, every corner of Barrio Santa Cruz holds a story waiting to be captured.

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